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SoS Radio Season 2: Episode 1

SoS Radio is BACK!!!!!!! Check out the first episode of our new season! New time: Saturdays 8-10am… Check Us Out!

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…I Wouldn’t Shoot You Though

I may be annoyed by you, using your phone during a movie. I’d probably say something too. I wouldn’t shoot you though. I may not be in the mood to hear your loud ass music, blaring from your car as you pull up next to me. I might even roll up the window. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Can't Stop

I Don’t Know… But I’ll Try to Find Out!

One of the less obvious reasons I love collecting the extraordinary stories of ordinary individuals is that I pretty much despise the common practice of generalization. We all do it. I believe it is a response to our innate need to learn. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know more after all. It’s difficult … Continue reading

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Adapt to Change

FtP365 CHURCH!!!

When I told my mother I missed her call on Sunday because I was in church, the phone went silent. She was in shock. I explained that I was in a small town in North Carolina and had an appointment to conduct an interview after my interviewee went to church. I decided to attend his … Continue reading

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FtP365 Day #11… If At First You Don’t Succeed…

So… It’s the morning of day #11 of Feed the People 365. If everything went as smoothly as I had hoped, I would have 10 stories collected and one solidly scheduled for today. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Instead, I currently have 5 interviews recorded and no clue who I will interview today. As … Continue reading

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Baby It’s Cold Outside! FtP365 Day #3

Yesterday was day 3 of Feed the People 365. I woke up in Manchester, CT to a weather report saying it was 9 degrees outside but “feels like -8″…. I’m not exactly sure what, other than the wind makes it feel colder than the reading on the thermometer but I needed no further explanation… IT’S … Continue reading

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FtP 365 jpg

Live from El Yunque Rainforest! FtP365!

A quick message from El Yunque Rainforest in Luquillo, Puerto Rico in December 2013. You never know where we may turn up! Feed the People 365!!!!!!!

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Accomplishment in the Journey 2

Happy New Year! FTP365 Day 1

Happy New Year! This is obviously an important year for At the bare minimum I will be meeting 365 new people and enjoying their stories. Those stories will be brought to you on this site as well as on SoS Radio Monday and Friday mornings at 7am. You will be able to watch them … Continue reading

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FtP 365 jpg

Feed the People 365 and Kickstarter Update

Well, it’s December 28, 2013 and we’re 3 days away from the end of the Feed the People 365 Kickstarter fundraiser. Our goal was $3,650. We are holding steady around $500. It looks like it’s safe to say we won’t make it in time… but you never know! Regardless, I want to send a HUGE … Continue reading

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I appreciate my individuality

“Notes” from

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