Feed the People 365! (FtP365)


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Many of the issues we experience socially, politically, educationally, and interpersonally in this world of ours, are due to our lack of intimate contact with each other. We simply don’t know each other! However, since we all happen to live on the same planet, it’s imperative that we interact and make decisions collaboratively that meet the needs of everyone. As diversity increases, compassion seems to be at an all time low. In addition, it seems that we are all looking for inspiration. What’s the solution? Well, FtP365 believe it lies somewhere in the process of hearing the stories of others, even those we may not normally come into contact with.
We ALL have a story to tell! Our stories have the potential to “feed” others with inspiration. Sonofasuperhero.com and Feed the People 365 (FtP365) are dedicated to highlighting the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Don’t think your story is extraordinary? We beg to differ. In fact we are on a mission to collect 365 stories in 365 days in order to show just how much of a superhero you are! 
We intend to provide inspiration, connection, networking opportunities, and a healthy dose of humor. You bring your extraordinary individual and/or business story to the table and we will serve it up on sonofasuperhero.com, SoS Radio (www.blogtalkradio.com/sonofasuperhero), as well as in an ongoing offering of books, anthologies, and documentaries. 
Tell us your story! WE want to get to know YOU! The world is waiting and your story is worthy! Feed the People!

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Feed the People Live! is a live interview/talk show that highlights the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. This is the latest offering from sonofasuperhero, an enterprise dedicated to highlighting and promoting the lives of everyday people with extraordinary stories, dreams, and ideas. We believe greatness can be found anywhere in everyone. Sonofasuperhero seeks to expand general public awareness of individual greatness, in order to build and promote the collective power of human potential.

Guests will be interviewed in front of a live studio audience weekly, at various locations throughout the east coast. Our goal is to inspire the public and expand the reach of Feed the People and sonofasuperhero. Join host, Rodney L. Powell and the Feed the People Band live, or watch the video later at http://www.sonofasuperhero.com.

Feed the People!

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